Marine Searchlight Remote Control. Boats/Yachts, Motor-Home

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Marine Searchlight Remote Control. 35w Halogen 

The searchlight has a sealed beam 35w halogen output capable of projecting at least 200 metres at 1 lux brightness and at least 7 lux at 100 metres. Much better than any CREE lamp. Horizontal movement is 320 degrees and vertical movement is 75 degrees. Monitor is manufactured from a UV stabilised ABS material and is water resistant (IP54). Complete with 15ft of power cable and a fully weatherproof wireless remote control.

We provide a 2 year warranty for this item. If it develops a manufacturing fault then we will fix it or replace it. This product has been 100% quality checked to our high standards and offers exceptional light output performance.

Features: * Lamp life exceeding 3000 hrs. Cool white lamp rendering which provides higher brightness and illumination than conventional searchlights * Touch sensitive remote allows movement in four directions and a touch sensitive on/off switch (2 x PP3 batteries supplied) * Suitable for mid-size boats, larger motor-homes, home lighting and emergency vehicles * Long life gear drive with a low amperage draw * Clutch mechanism prevents motor damage if run against the stops.