Cordless Hot Knife Cutter

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2 Year Warranty, Professional Cutter

Featuring a totally Cordless version. This product now provides a unique advantage in your boat by providing a tool that is always available for that unexpected tangle of fabric or rope with a person

The 'X'Sports Cordless rope cutter and hot knife will cut and seal the edges of most synthetic materials with ease and little effort. It heats up to 500 degrees C in just 6 secs, for sealing with minimum smoke and no burnt edges. Standard 'R' blade supplied is suitable for cutting and sealing rope up to 17mm in diameter. This cutter gives a clean neat cut that also prevents rope/braid from fraying. Uses include webbing, belting fabric, elastic, cord, ropes, sail cloth, awnings, nylon and synthetic fabrics.

A quality product that’s boasts a spring loaded safety trigger ON/OFF switch, Double overheat protection for thermostat, purpose made heavy duty storage box and certificated to every European standard for conformity and compliance. (Copies available)

  • Standard ‘R’ blade: W32 x D5mm - Ropes, Fabrics, Sail Cloth, Webbing.
  • Blades operating temperature = 500°C
  • Operates continuously when trigger is held down
  • Storage box dimensions: 29cm x 19cm x 9cm
  • Voltage: 240v. Frequency 50hz/60hz
  • Wattage: 21.6w to 29w/hour
  • Charging period: About 60 minutes
  • Continuous use: One full charge should provide about 25 minutes of continuous use
  • Brass wire brush included and spanner
  • Product Weight: 0.95kg
  • Certificated Conformity to EN 60335-1:2012, EN 60335-2-45/A2:2012, EN 62233:2008. Copies available
  • Certificated Compliance to EN 55014-1/A2:2011, EN 55014-2/A2:2011, EN 61000-3-2/A2:2009, EN61000-3-3:2013. Copies available
  • Charger fitted with a UK 3 pin mains plug BS1363
  • 24 Months Manufacturers UK unconditional Warranty on this item