Drive Shaft for Electric Golf Trolley

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Drive Shaft for Electric Golf Trolley

Steel Drive Shaft for an Electric Golf Trolley

Will fit most models of: 'X'Sports, Stowamatic, Bentley, Caddymatic, Pro Rider, Hillman I-Kart, Ben Sayers, Proforce, Leisure Pursuits, Promaster, Precision amongst many others.

Item is an original manufacturers product. Overall length 487mm

Shaft Diameter: 12mm

Drive cotter pin holes are 45-49mm from each end of the shaft (4mm diameter cotter)

Motor overload safety dimple is 175-180mm from one side of the shaft (Dimple dia 5mm)

Wheels location grooves at each end of shaft are 2-5mm (Groove width 3mm)

Please check your dimensions carefully before ordering. You are welcome to phone or email first for advice from Geoff.

This item kit below is available to purchase separately here: Collar

This is the collar that clamps the steel shaft to the electric motor and is the trolleys fail-safe from overloading or excessive pressure against foreword drive (i.e. against a wall). If your shaft can be rotated by hand without any pressure from the electric motor then this ball is sheared off (Allen grub screw is 2.5mm)