Motocaddy LitePower Lithium Battery Cable

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golf trolley battery lead 

This cable has been manufactured to our strict requirements - Temperature rated to 105 Degree C, 300v Overload protection and 42cm in length surpassing all others currently on sale. Given that most electric trolleys use either the ‘T’ bar type or the Torberry/Anderson connector, this cable is designed to fit those trolleys. The cable design ensures that the 'T' bar will only fit the correct way.

Will fit most Powakaddy, Hillbilly, Motocaddy, Pro Rider, Powerbug, Go Kart, Proforce and other electric trolleys needing this interconnect.

  • Cable diameter at 9mm (At least 0.5mm thicker than competitors) is very durable and robust
  • Cable length at 42cm, is at least 12cm longer than all competitors cables. Those shorter cables, as online feedback states will give you problems with battery location and connection.
  • + (Plus) on 'T' bar is wired to RED torberry connector. - (Minus on 'T' is wired to BLACK on torberry). Please ensure you wire your application to correct polarity. Torberry are both MALE and FEMALE - Black and Red Torberry connectors may be rotated 180 degrees within the sleeve (Lower sleeve first) if your application requires a male or female connector.
  • The Torberry connector at one end allows you to use a non Powakaddy type charger.
  • Ideal for enabling a Powakaddy battery to be used on a MotoCaddy or for using a Torberry charger with your Powakaddy battery.